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Team Members

  • Dr Christian Marxsen

    Christian Marxsen leads the Max Planck Research Group “Shades of Illegality in International Peace and Security Law”. He is co-editor of the Cambridge University Press book series Max Planck Trialogues on the Law of Peace and war and has taught international law in Heidelberg, Beijing and Santiago de Chile.

  • Dr Malcolm Jorgensen

    Malcolm Jorgensen is a Senior Research Fellow in the SHADES-project at MPIL. He holds a PhD in International Law and American Foreign Policy from the University of Sydney, which has been published as a Cambridge University Press monograph (2020). Malcolm’s prior experience includes serving as a Judge’s Associate in the Supreme Court of Queensland and as an Assistant Director (legal) in the Australian foreign ministry, a research fellowship with the Berlin Potsdam Research Group (KFG), and teaching across the disciplines of International Law and International Relations. His research focuses on comparative conceptions of international law and the future of global legal order.

  • Florian Kriener

    Florian Kriener graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Heidelberg in 2019 and is a Research Fellow at MPIL. In his research he focusses on the Principle of Non-Intervention and its interplay with support to international protest movements.

  • Alexander Wentker

    Alexander Wentker is a Research Fellow in the SHADES project at MPIL. His doctoral thesis explores party status to armed conflict in international law and is supported by a doctoral scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation as well as by a Clarendon scholarship. Alexander teaches International Dispute Settlement at Freie Universität Berlin. He completed his First State Examination in law in Berlin (Humboldt-Universität) and holds master’s degrees in law from the universities of Oxford and Paris II. Prior to joining the research group, Alexander clerked at the Supreme Court of Namibia and interned, inter alia, with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in New York.


  • Felix Herbert

    Felix Herbert first joined the SHADES project as a student research assistant in 2018. Having graduated from the Law Faculty of Heidelberg in December 2020, he is now a Research Fellow at MPIL. His research focusses on the peremptory (ius cogens) character of the prohibition of the use of force.

  • Leonie Brassat

    Leonie Brassat is a Research Fellow within the Max Planck research group SHADES. She graduated from University of Heidelberg in 2022, where she studied law with an emphasis on Public International Law. Her current research focuses on International Peace and Security Law.

  • Lukas Hemmje

    Lukas Hemmje has been a law student at the University of Heidelberg since 2018. He first came into contact with International Law as a member of the University’s team for the 2020 Jessup Moot Court. He has since joined the SHADES project to further pursue his interest in the subject.

  • Charlotte Magnus

    Charlotte Magnus has been a law student at the University of Heidelberg since 2017 and developed a particular interest in Public International Law while studying abroad in France. She participated in the 2021 Jessup International Law Moot Court and recently joined the SHADES project as a student research assistant. 

  • Julius Bayón

    Julius Bayón is a student research assistant in the SHADES project. Since 2017, he has studied law at the University of Heidelberg with a focus on international law. As part of this, he has attended summer schools of the Studienstiftung in Vienna and on Lake Geneva and participated in the 2021 Jessup Moot Court.