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Recent Publications:

Publications by Christian Marxsen

  • Reparation for Victims of Armed Conflict: Impulses from the Max Planck Trialogues. Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht (Heidelberg Journal of International Law), 78/3, 2018, 519-633 (ed. together with Anne Peters).
    With contributions i.e. by Christian Marxsen and Carolyn Moser.
    pre-print: MPIL Research Paper No. 2018-19
  • Violation and Confirmation of the Law - The intricate Effects of the Invocation of the Law in armed Conflict. In: Journal on the Use of Force and International Law 5/1, 8-39 (2018).
  • Cleavages in international law and the danger of a pull towards non-compliance, 22. January 2018,, doi: 10.17176/20180131-120116.
  • Verfassungsrechtliche Regeln für Cyberoperationen der Bundeswehr - Aktuelle Herausforderungen für Einsatzbegriff und Parlamentsvorbehalt. In: Juristenzeitung (JZ) 72, 543-552 (2017).
  • Self-defence Against Non-state Actors: Impulses from the Max Planck Trialogues on the Law of Peace and War. Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht (Heidelberg Journal of International Law), Vol. 77/1, 2017, 1-93 S. (ed. together with Anne Peters)
  • International law in crisis – Russia’s struggle for recognition, German Yearbook of International Law 58, 11-48 (2016), online available as: MPIL-Research Paper No. 2016-05, 2016.


Publications by Carolyn Moser

  • Bring claims if you can—On the intricate arrangements for claims arising from extraterritorial EU security and defence activities, ZaöRV 3 (2018), forthcoming, online available as contribution in: MPIL Research Paper No. 2018-19.
  • Legal uncertainty and indeterminacy—immutable characteristics of the OSCE? (with Anne Peters), in Mateja Steinbrück Platise, Carolyn Moser, Anne Peters (eds.), The Legal Framework of the OSCE, Cambridge University Press, 2019, pre-print version available as: MPIL Research Paper No. 2018-16.
  • Awakening dormant law—or the invocation of the European mutual assistance clause after the Paris attacks, Verfassungsblog, 18.11.2015.


Publications by Max Lesch

  • Unlocking the agency of the governed. Norm dynamics and contestation. In: Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal 2/5 (2017): 691-708 (co-authored with Lisbeth Zimmermann and Nicole Deitelhoff).
  • Practice theories and norm research in International Relations. On the contribution of pragmatic sociology (German title: Praxistheorien und Normenforschung in den Internationalen Beziehungen – Zum Beitrag der pragmatischen Soziologie). In: Zeitschrift diskurs 2 (2017): 31-54.


Publications by Alexander Wentker